"My guidance from Stephanie has given me A blueprint of what healthy looks like. The lights have been turned on, and they remain on all the time. I had never seen my worth or power. I now know I can dream and it can have value and substance enough so that great things can come to pass! There are no limits." ~C.B. Pittsburgh, PA

"After speaking with Stephanie ...I found myself opening up and discovering new parts of me that were hidden so deep I didnt know they were even there. I began to see things in a different light and to experience new feelings about ME. Stephanie made me feel like a valued person that should love myself as I am. She guided me into finding an inner strength, it has made me a better person with new awareness about how to approach daily conflicts in my life." ~D.L. New York

"What a blessing Stephanie has been for me. She has calmed me down, inspired me to be a better mother and all over a more confident and self assured person. I feel inspired (by her) in so many ways. You are the gardener of my soul for sure! ~W.W. New York

Coaching with Stephanie is like having your life revealed to you in a striking new way.  I'm amazed by how clearly she can  sense and articulate the truth and how she inspires a fresh way of looking at the world. Stephanie is a bright light. If you have the chance to work with her, grab it. Your life won't be the same." ~M.M. New York

"Stephanie is not going to push you to reach your goals. Working with her you will enter a space where your goal almost magically pulls you - and before you know it you wonder: What can I do next?" ~I.K. New York

"Coaching with you has been such a gift to me! Your loving, caring and nurturing approach helped me relax, open up and trust the coaching process. Your amazing intuition always took me to the places that I needed to look at. Your support and belief in me let me move forward through the fear and obstacles. I am mesmerized by your ability to help me step into my power and implement long wanted changes in my life! I am forever grateful for that. Thank you Stephanie!!!"  ~M.L. New Jersey

"Thank you for offering to hold my fear. It has allowed me to connect with my young self when I felt courageous and confident and didn't assume any difficulties! I am nurturing that part of me and am referring to that sense of self to move me forward. It's great! Thank you, thank you, thank you! " ~L.M. New York