For me, life coaching is
   the merging of art, education, and life experience...
I was a girl with three brothers. My parents taught them to adore their only sister. I was fortunate. My mother, a counselor, always seemed to have all our friends sitting around there like Mother Hubbard in her Shoe. There was always lots of food, interesting conversation and enough love to go around. My father adored my mother and we were his prizes. With this supportive childhood why did I have to go through my own - sometimes painful - process of self discovery? Because life isn't a straight line and we each have our peaks and valleys.
We make choices, carry responsibilities and encounter life's circumstances, often beyond our control, while we strive to find our own deeper path. My interest in healing has always been a part of me. Professionally I have spent the past 35 years managing artists and musicians pin design studios and the performing arts - helping them fine-tune their artistic visions and then translate it into a marketable commodity. In addition, I have formally studied nutrition, homeopathy and spirituality. Coaching is the fusion of all my education and life experience. Coaching from the Heart is my work as a life coach and it lives out my soul's deeper purpose.
My training comes from the highly acclaimed and accredited program, Coaching For Transformation, NYC and I have an advanced degree from ICF, The International Coach Federation. I am the creator and leader of CommuniTEA, a Women's Collective, where women support each other and reach their goals, President and Coach at and finally I am the Director of Coach Services at OnetoOne, Women Coaching Women, a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting underserved women to achieve sustained success in creating the life of their dreams through one-to-one coaching.

Choosing to become a Certified Professional Life Coach is as much a pledge to myself as it is to my clients.

​​​​"Life is like an ever shifting kaleidoscope: A slight change and all the patterns alter​.

~ Sharon Salzberg ~